We’re More Than Just A Wine Company

assorted printed cork stoppers
assorted printed cork stoppers

P V Vintners is one of the asia’s leading beverage alcohol distributor, specializing in wine. P V Vintners is a wholesaler and distributor of fine wine as well as quality value wines from France, Spain, Italy, Chile and many other parts of World. We at P V Vintners specialise in supplying from entry level to fine wine to trade customers around the world.

Although, P V VINTNERS is about more than just wine company. By creating a strong sense of community and supporting our associates, we continue to feel like a true family business. While our business is dominated by Bordeaux, Champagne, Burgundy, and Beaujolais wines. We enjoy sourcing a wide selection of top international wines from Australia, Chile, Italy and South Africa. We endeavour to provide not only wines of exceptional quality, but those that also present value for money.

Many of the wineries we deal with are small to medium sized and often family owned chateau vineyards. We also represent some of the most dynamic co-ops in Spain. But our main focus is on producers who can make good quality wine year after year, with the distinctive flavor and the typical taste of the grapes and the region.

Perfect Partners

We are the perfect partner for all your wine requirements, We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding service, and customers and suppliers should expect a great deal. Our extensive contacts throughout the Europe and Australia enable us to offer competitive pricing.

We remove the risk factor

The biggest risk for any importer wanting to import French wines from another country is taking on large stock risks. Which is why we are one of the few companies who offer mixed pallets of French wine. We have carefully selected some of the best wines from France, from little to large producers, offering something for everyone.

We offer competitive prices

We recommend the best wines according to your needs. Thanks to our contacts and experience we can source very fine wines but at decidedly better prices.